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Batch #17 BottleTree Blonde is now available to distributors in SC/NC

Red, Blonde 1/2 bbl, 1/6 bbl kegs are available in SC

Batch #4 BottleTree Imperial Red Ale is now available to distributors in SC/NC, and VA     

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(We are Looking for Distributor(s) in Florida, and Georgia)


The Thin Line Between Good and Evil, 2003.  

This folk art painting  by Regina Cornwell is fantastic, depicting the age old rapidly disappearing tradition. In this depiction, bottles are tied in groups of two by shoelaces and thrown over the branches of the tree.  In more traditional sense, the bottles are placed on the cutoff braches of a cedar pointing heavenward. In 2003, the trees were disappearing, but I must say today, the trees are coming back from the brink...












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