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Batch #17 BottleTree Blonde is now available to distributors in SC/NC

Red, Blonde 1/2 bbl, 1/6 bbl kegs are available in SC

Batch #4 BottleTree Imperial Red Ale is now available to distributors in SC/NC, and VA     

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One Time, One Place: Mississippi in the Depression: A Snapshot Album (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1996).

"Out front was a clean dirt yard with every vestige of grass patiently uprooted and the ground scarred in deep whorls from the strike of Livvie's broom. Rose bushes with tiny blood-red roses blooming every month grew in threes on either side of the steps. On one side was a peach tree, on the other a pomegranate. Then coming around up the path from the deep cut of the Natchez Trace below was a line of bare crape-myrtle trees with every branch of them ending in a colored bottle, green or blue. There was no word that fell from Solomon's lips to say what they were for, but Livvie knew that there could be a spell put in trees, and she was familiar from the time she was born with the way bottle trees kept evil spirits from coming into the house--by luring them inside the colored bottles, where they cannot get out again. Solomon had made the bottle trees with his own hands over the nine years, in labor amounting to about a tree a year, and without a sign that he had any uneasiness in his heart, for he took as much pride in his precautions against spirits coming in the house as he took in the house, and sometimes in the sun the bottle trees looked prettier than the house did." --- Eudora Welty

Books By Eudora Welty

Eudora Welty--a snapshot into her art

Felder Rushing's photos of bottle trees

South Carolina Bottle Tree by Max Power

Fort Walton Beach, Florida


Darrell and Barb's Tree  Denver, Colorado


3rd Annual Ball Park Beer Fest (Gastonia Grizzlies) May 14, 2011

Saluda Forge's Large Tree: Tryon, NC This tree was hand forged by Bill at Saluda Forge. If you would like a hand crafted mini or large bottle tree come visit Saluda Forge in Tryon, NC.  


Saluda Forge's Mini-Tree: Tryon, NC The table-top tree will be at the World Beer Festival, hand forged by Bill at Saluda Forge. If you would like a hand crafted mini or large bottle tree come visit Saluda Forge in Tryon, NC.  This is craftsmanship at its best.


Authentic  Columbus, Tx 




Jiles and Michelle's Tree  Columbia, SC  




Rebecca's Tree: Clemmons, NC  'TBD'





David's Tree: Landrum, SC  'Rot me Not'



Fred's Tree: Campobello, SC  'Drink No Evil...TM'

The artist is Jake Hinkle of Asheville, and you can find other art by Jake at the ScreenDoor in Asheville, NC.





Saluda Forge's Tree: Tryon, NC 





 Bottle Tree

Pinhole photograph by Hal Rammel, 2002.  

According to Mary Joe Clendenin, greasing the throats of the bottles helps the spirits slip into the bottles a bit easier.   In addition, bottles were hung from fruit trees to protect against thieves, since the bottles would cause the thieves stomachs to explode from the stolen fruit they had eaten.  Lastly, blue medicine bottles were hung from trees in Memphis, Tennessee, during the outbreak of yellow fever in 1878 to keep the outbreak from entering their homes.

Photographs copyright Hal Rammel, 2003.

This is just a splendid piece of art, click on the picture and look at his other photos.

Beach Access #2, Gulf Coast Beach Tree


Sammie's Tree: Riverside



Mary's Tree: Waiting for the Spirits



Betty's Tree: The Snare




Felder's Tree: From San Antonio






The Bottle Tree
Eugene Field

A bottle tree bloometh in Winkyway land
Heigh-ho for a bottle, I say!
A snug little berth in that ship I demand
That rocketh the Bottle-Tree babies away
Where the Bottle Tree bloometh by night and by day
And reacheth its fruit to each wee, dimpled hand;
You take of that fruit as much as you list,
For colic's a nuisance that doesn't exist!
Heigh-ho for a bottle, I say!
So cuddle me close, and cuddle me fast,
And cuddle me snug in my cradle away,
For I hunger and thirst for that precious repast
Heigh-ho for a bottle, I say!

The Bottle Tree bloometh by night and by day!
Heigh-ho for Winkyway land!
And Bottle-Tree fruit (as I've heard people say)
Makes bellies of Bottle-Tree babies expand
And that is a trick I would fain understand!
Heigh-ho for a bottle to-day!
And heigh-ho for a bottle to-night!
A bottle of milk that is creamy and white!
So cuddle me close, and cuddle me fast,
And cuddle me snug in my cradle away,
For I hunger and thirst for that precious repast -
Heigh-ho for a bottle, I say!

Eugene Field Notes



Natchez Trace Map (118k)

The Natchez Trace

Used by merchants that used the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers would take the Trace back up North after traveling down the rivers.   Stands run by Native Americans were allowed until the 1830s.  The most predominant Indians to use the trace were the Chickasaws.  Many bottle trees existed along the trace, in the 19th century, and into the 20th.

TNGenWeb Project


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