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Batch #17 BottleTree Blonde is now available to distributors in SC/NC

Red, Blonde 1/2 bbl, 1/6 bbl kegs are available in SC

Batch #4 BottleTree Imperial Red Ale is now available to distributors in SC/NC, and VA     

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(We are Looking for Distributor(s) in Florida, and Georgia)


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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.  



Press Releases

These are the press releases that have been issues on our behalf (thanks!). 

bullet09/18/2013-- Bourbon & Boots, Five (More) Southern Craft Brews We're Drinking 
bullet07/23/ features the BottleTree Tap Handle on their design page. 
bullet07/22/2013-- Fox News coverage of the Tryon Beer Fest.  
bullet02/11/2013--The Examiner Beer of the Week: BottleTree Blonde by Minna Bentancourt.
bullet01/19/2013--The Bottle Report covering the All About Beer Festival, in Columbia, SC.
bullet12/03/2012--life IN OUR FOOTHILLS, BOTTLETREE The science of a great brew.
bullet11/28/2012--BottleTree Imperial Red Ale now available in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.
bullet11/15/2012--Tryon Beer Fest Welcomes Crowd from Tryon Daily News
bullet09/10/2012--BottleTree Red with very nice review in iambeerstrong.
bullet09/01/2012--BottleTree Red wins a placement in the People's Choice Award at the Savannah Brew Festival.
bullet07/21/2012--Cooking with Beer: Grilled Pizza! by Kathy.
bullet07/03/2012--How to Pair Food with Beers: A Review of Rosso's Farm-to-Table Dinner by Gerald Jowers.
bullet07/02/2012--Tryon Daily Bulletin talks about Southern Living Magazine article which mentions local businesses and BottleTree.
bullet07/01/2012--Southern Living Magazine, The Scenic Route: Make a Pit Stop in Peach Country
bullet06/18/2012--Beer Review 0170: BottleTree Imperial Red Ale on Tumblr.
bullet05/09/2012--Flagpole Beer Notes: Brew Fest Notes Found in Soggy Pocket, by William Orton Carlton.
bullet04/25/2012--Free Times BottleTree Imperial Red Ale by Gerald Jowers
bullet03/25/2012--BottleTree Beer Co. produces it 500th barrel of beer
bullet03/25/2012--Gwinnett Daily Post blogs about debut of BottleTree Imperial Red Ale at Suwanee Beer Festival.
bullet03/19/2012--Choice Beer by Gary Glancy of Hendersonville Times.
bullet03/01/2012--2012 Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest debuts BottleTree Red Ale
bullet01/28/2012--The Bottle Report of Columbia Beer Festival blogs of BottleTree and others.
bullet01/18/2012--The Beer Year Day 193, BottleTree Blonde
bullet12/13/2011--Draft Magazine What’s in a name?: BottleTree Beer Co.
bullet10/08/2011---Durham All About Beer Brewers Pakage
bullet09/18/2011--AY Magazine September 2011, Create: Tailgating 2011 ... A Meal
bullet09/17/2011--Craft Beer Collective BottleTree Beer News
bullet09/12/2011--NC Brewing BottleTree branches out with new label.
bullet09/11/2011--The Beer Street Journal talks about the Imperial Irish Red coming out soon (they must have some good sources to get that photo).
bullet09/01/2011--The Huntsville Times Brew Review 23: BottleTree Beer Co. Blonde
bullet08/17/2011--Tryon Theatre offers a movie experience twist
bullet07/05/2011--Southern Brew News writes about BT at the Raleigh All About Beer Festival.
bullet07/04/2011--Beer Army review of BT
bullet06/20/2011--Pig Pickin' at Melrose Inn
bullet05/20/2011--BottleTree Blonde begins its first journey to historic Philadelphia, Birthplace of America.
bullet05/02/2011--Beer of the Week 20: Paris Mountain Striding
bullet04/09/2011--News photos of Raleigh All About Beer Festival (advance to photo 7 of 14).
bullet04/04/2011--As A Woman Thinketh eat, drink, & buy vintage by Jhesika Menes.
bullet03/30/ Times News Online Tryon based brew going regional It's personal...
bullet02/20/2011--BottleTree founder, Fred Block will be shaving his head to show solidarity and raise money for children's cancer. Make a donation on his head.
bullet02/19/2011--Keep up with BottleTree Blonde through Untappd Drink Socially.
bullet01/22/2011--All About Beer World Beer Festival, Columbia, SC. Bottle Report features BottleTree Beer
bullet01/09/2011--BottleTree finds it way to
bullet09/06/2010--Northwest Florida Daily News Former FWB resident starts beer business
bullet08/26/2010--Spartanburg Herald and Hendersonville Times-News Upstate's BottleTree beer branching out again
bullet08/19/2010--Evil beware! Tryon Daily Bulletin Front Page News 
bullet07/21/2010--BottleTree Blonde in the Big Easy
bullet07/16/2010--Cross Reference to RJR
bullet07/07/2010--Free Times Columbia News and Art BottleTree Blonde is Brewed in South Carolina.
bullet06/30/2010--Hub City Review of BottleTree Blonde  
bullet06/24/2010--Fox Carolina News Covers BottleTree Debut into the SC market
bullet06/24/2010--Spartanburg Herald (Gary Clancy) covers BottleTree hitting SC shelves
bullet05/10/2010--Brian Cendrowski's Bringing BottleTree to the World
bullet04/27/2010--Production run (test commercial batch) featured on front page of Spartanburg Herald
bullet07/24/2009--Spartanburg Herald Sunday Living section Centerpiece, dedicated to future prospects for BottleTreeTM
bullet07/12/2009--1st Place 2009 Pisgah Pro-Am, Brittish and Irish category.
bullet06/07/2009--2nd Place 2009 Puget Sound Pro-Am
bullet11/01/2008--BottleTreeTM appears in Brew Your Own, November 2008
bullet07/13/2008--Untamed Beer blogs BottleTree
bullet08/09/2003--1st Place West Virginia Mountain Open 2003
bullet05/18/2003--1st Place Alpharetta Brewers Open 2003




Technical Publications

bulletDynamic Risk Calculation Engine ISA Power-ID June, 2012
bulletExperiences With Upgrading Steam Turbine Controls To Meet Today's Power Market Requirements ISA Power-ID July, 2005 
bulletVintage Upgrade Power Engineering International October, 2004
bulletRetrofitting Steam Turbines with Modern Control Platforms, PowerGen December, 2003




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